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Family Yoga Workshop with Fliss

Please note: All are welcome to these workshops, however, they are designed with children aged between 5-9 in mind. Tickets are limited to one child per adult. 


This Family Yoga Workshop is a chance to move, connect and have fun with your children in the most beautiful of ways, without  the distractions of screens, school work and life admin. Traditional roles are put aside and parents get to experience a different way of interacting with their children, fully present and giving the greatest of gifts - their full attention. Children also get to see their caregiver in a fresh light as they work and practice together, experiencing touch and movement. 


In these family yoga sessions, traditional elements of yoga, such as breathwork, are combined with play, giving families shared strategies for emotional regulation and resilience. Classic postures have the added fun of partner poses and creative movement, all of which strengthen the body, build body awareness and help newly define boundaries, as parent and child communicate through language, touch and movement.  


Date: Saturday 27th of May 

Time: 14.30-16.00

Price: £20 (for one adult and one child)

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