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Mila Buchinger-Jones

Mila began her yoga journey in 2011 to support her mental and physical health. As a mother of two boys, she understands how difficult it can be to set time aside for moments of self-care and feels passionately about guiding and helping other parents in connecting back to themselves. Mila is also an advocate for children’s mental health and feels strongly about the benefits of yoga, not only for adults, but for children of all ages.

Craig Davies


Craig teaches strongly meditative and considered classes, encouraging students to take time to observe the effect of asana practice on breath, body and mind. Along with the regular use of themes, often based in yoga philosophy, Craig’s classes work towards bringing people in to a space of non-judgemental observation where we can seek connection with our bodies and our Self.


Craig is trained in Trauma Sensitive Yoga and works with trauma survivors using yoga as a tool to support people to rebuild a positive relationship with their bodies. Craig brings aspects of this way of teaching into his regular sessions, resulting in classes that are inherently designed to be welcoming, inclusive and accessible to a wide range of students.

Chelsea Payne
Julie Skailes

Julie discovered yoga in the late 90’s when she had young children and was putting down roots in Bath.  After a week long yoga retreat in Greece, some 15 years later, she began to see the benefits of yoga on mind as well as body, which helped her through a number of traumatic events.  More recently after retiring from a long career in Education Management she re-evaluated her future.

Julie’s approach to yoga is gentle and accessible, no matter your age, ability or fitness level.

Stephanie Harrison

Steph started her yoga teaching career when she was living in London and founded the company "Yoga with...™" looking after other talented yoga teachers, running classes, workshops and successful retreats abroad.

She is Sivananda trained (Hatha) and studied Vinyasa Flow with Claire Missingham. 

As well as this, she is a Doula and "Birthlight" trained Pregnancy Yoga teacher, and has run Hypnobirthing workshops and Post-Natal classes. 

Steph's aim is for people to leave her classes feeling de-stressed and energised, but also strong and healthy from the inside out. 

Hania Krawiec

Originally from Devon, Chelsea recently relocated from Spain to Bath with her husband and two small children. She has a background in classical ballet and discovered Dharma Mittra’s Yoga classes around 8 years ago and fell in love with this healing therapy. Chelsea then became certified in Hatha and Vinyasa in Paris where she lived and taught for 5 years. 
Yoga continues to be a very necessary and transformative daily work in her life and she is beyond grateful to share this practice. 

Hania first discovered yoga over 20 years ago & has enjoyed the many styles & health benefits that the practice offers. She loves teaching in an approach that focuses on maintaining an important awareness of the basics, while allowing a safe space to grow & explore.
Whether you're a beginner or a long-time practitioner, she aims to facilitate a kind & nourishing space where you can take some time to reconnect with yourself.

Anna Flight 
Having started practising yoga around age 10, it took Anna a fair few years and a serious illness to start to understand the real benefits of yoga beyond stretching and strengthening the body.
Nowadays, yoga is where she goes to find calm, challenge, discipline and guidance on how to live her life.
Her classes are warm and friendly with a playful atmosphere. Each class is different, combining elements of relaxation and grounding, strength and challenge, quiet and stillness.  
Fliss Trew
Fliss’s love of yoga stems from the ability to express, through movement, what our bodies and minds need at any given moment. She believes that every time we practice yoga we emerge a little bit changed, a little happier, a bit more balanced, more clear; whatever the ‘little bit’ is we will have grown and expanded into something that feels more beautiful and sincere. Her experiences in dance and physical theatre training have taught her what her body can do, but only yoga has taught me how adeptly what my body can feel. 
Sonia Appoloni
Sonia teaches challenging yet meditative Hatha Vinyasa classes that not only improve flexibility and strength, but most importantly, invite calmness and peace within. Her sequences feature longer holds of asanas so that the mind can, in time, find stillness through effort using yogic tools and techniques. Open to anyone and any body, both new and advanced practitioners can find new depths of practice: all that’s needed is the willingness to explore and playfulness to try.
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